Valtech Fabrication
A company in
constant evolution

Valtech | 2000 - 2003


Square footage

4,500 sq.ft.

Valtech | 2004 - 2007


Square footage

6,500 sq.ft. – 29,000 sq.ft.

Valtech | 2008 - 2010


Square footage

29,000 sq.ft. – 44,000 sq.ft.

Valtech | 2010 - 2017


Square footage

44,000 sq.ft. – 121,000 sq.ft.

Valtech | 2017 - present


Square footage

121,000 sq.ft. – 128,000 sq.ft.

The Valtech Story:
in a nutshell

The adventure began in 2000, with a handful of welders and assemblers located in a 4,500 square foot industrial space fabricating custom metal equipment for local industries. Banking on the skill and experience of its 11 employees, the Company successfully broke into the market to fabricate custom industrial equipment for FCC (fluid catalytic cracking) units in oil refineries in 2003, thanks to its ambitious vision, determination and established contacts. Since then, the Company has seen unparalleled growth: Valtech now boasts approximately 150 employees and over 130,000 square feet of fabrication space. What is the key to this resounding success?

The quality of the workmanship, the ability to meet strict delivery timelines and competitive pricing. “For us, managing a project for a customer is not only about business, it is about creating relationships of confidence, understanding their specific needs and being good partners at every step along the way” affirms George Maziotis, President and Chief Operating Officer. The “partners” he is referring to are none other than the world’s biggest players in the petrochemical industry such as ExxonMobil, British-Petroleum (BP), Shell, Suncor Energy, Irving Oil, Marathon, Chevron, P66, among others.

Only a handful of North American companies have the privilege of fabricating for the biggest refineries, and Valtech is one of them. These massive pieces of equipment, which can weigh over 250 tonnes, are shipped all over the world. Each project carries its own challenges for both employees and management. Assembling, welding and manipulating cylindrical or conical pieces can be extremely complex. “The work is never the same from one day to the next”, notes Founder and Plant Manager, Régis Blanchette. “This is not like working on an assembly line.” In the plant, you often see employees of different trades working closely as a team to resolve a problem. Everyone is happy to put their shoulder to the wheel when needed. “It is important for us to maintain a friendly environment”, adds Owner and Chief Executive Officer, Naim Baksh. “Valtech is all about teamwork.”

And that team has continued to grow as the Valtech Group has expanded. Valtech Engineering, located in San Diego, California, comprises a team of professionals specializing in expansion joint design and field services.“This allows us to offer a wider range of services to all of our customers” explains Daniel Chiasson, Vice-President and Project Manager.

The Company entered a new chapter in the fall of 2017, when it welcomed a new strategic partner to support Valtech in its evolution, and began integrating the next generation of leaders into the management structure.

What is next for Valtech and the Valtech Group? It will continue to focus on its sole objective: the pursuit of excellence. Valtech does not hold back when it comes to investing in its people so they can stay motivated and continue to grow with the Company.

“To be a recognized leader in today’s international market, we have to distinguish ourselves and keep abreast of new technologies and management trends. Yes, Valtech is known in the market, but we want our customers to always have us top of mind and, for that, we have to keep innovating” says Nicolas Faubert Blanchette, Vice-President and Director of Production.

Other major projects are on the horizon for this Valleyfield company. One thing is certain: Valtech is not planning on slowing down any time soon.

The team behind
Valtech’s success


Naim Baksh, P. Eng.

Naim Baksh, Ing.

Owner and Chief Executive Officer

George Maziotis, B.C.L., LL. B.

George Maziotis, B.C.L., LL. B.

President and Chief Operating Officer

Régis Blanchette

Régis Blanchette

VP-Plant Manager

Nicolas Faubert-Blanchette, Ing.

Nicolas Faubert-Blanchette, Ing.

VP-Director of Production

Daniel Chiasson

Daniel Chiasson

VP-Project Manager

Our management team

Vincenzo Morello, CPA, CA

Vince Morello, CPA, CA

Chief Financial Officer

Rachel Solyom

Rachel Solyom, B.C.L.,
LL. B.

Executive Director, Corporate Affairs and Strategic Projects

Myriam Poirier, CRHA

Myriam Poirier, CRHA

Director of Human Resources

Sylvie Nadeau

Sylvie Nadeau

Director of Health, Safety and Environment

Atef Trabelsi

Atef Trabelsi

Director of Quality Control

Our Project Managers

Arif Mahboob, P. Eng.

Arif Mahboob, Ing.

Lead Estimator and Project Manager

Olivier Chasle, B. Eng.

Olivier Chasle, Ing. jr

Project Manager

Raphaëlle Benoit

Raphaëlle Benoit, Ing. jr

Jr. Industrial Engineer

Samuel Proulx, B. Eng.

Samuel Proulx, CPI

Estimator and Jr. Project Manager

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