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Valtech recognizes the contribution of women to its growth

1 July 2021

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Valtech highlighted the contributions made by women to the Company’s growth. 19 women currently work at Valtech, both in administrative roles and in non-traditional jobs as welders and assemblers. To mark this important day, Valtech Fabrication took the time to recognize their efforts, courage, determination and hard work.

“We foster a work environment where diversity of all kinds is valued, and we encourage women to join our team” noted George Maziotis, Executive Vice-President, Operations and Services.

The women of Valtech Fabrication :

Maryse Latour (Welder);
Alexandra Dallaire-Richer (Assembler);
Judith Roy (Welder);
Nancy Tessier (Welder);
Manon Brossoit (Drafting Coordinator);
Maryse Bilodeau (Quality Control Technician);
Gail Gervais (Document Management Clerk);
Marie-Camille Pilon (Draftsperson);
Sylvie Nadeau (Director of Health, Safety and Environment);
Stéphanie Charlebois (Assistant Controller);
Danielle Paquette (Payroll Technician - Human Resources);
Myriam Poirier (Director of Human Resources);
Alicia Alexis (Business Analyst);
Raphaëlle Benoît (Industrial Engineer);
Rachel Solyom (Executive Director, Corporate Affairs and Strategic Projects);
Vanessa Hamelin (Draftsperson);
Johanne Durant (Draftsperson);
Sandy Celada-Lantin (Assembler);
Anny Boissonneault (Coordinator, Store, Warehouse and Transport).

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