Social Event

A well-earned frozen treat

19 May 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic that has been with us now for over a year has impacted many local businesses and disrupted people’s daily routines. Local business Valtech Fabrication nonetheless managed to deliver an impressive number of projects through the pandemic, including numerous cyclones and expansion joints. To thank their employees for their continued commitment and exceptional contributions, Valtech organized a pleasant afternoon of frozen treats and music under the sun. Myriam Poirier, Director of Human Resources at Valtech, says she is heartened by the degree of employee involvement at all levels.

“We are happy to say that COVID had only a limited impact on Valtech’s operations”, she mentioned. “That could have been challenging in the circumstances, but our employees were here and adapted incredibly well to the new sanitary measures, which made it possible for us to maintain our operations and deliver our projects on time.”

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